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CPD Communications work in partnership with local authorities and the police so that you have the best possible service from your scheme. We have taken this scheme one step further and developed a website which can be visited at  this is for all of the members of the scheme that have a two-way radio. This website gives up-to-date information on active criminals within the area. It also has a secure members area for this purpose complying with data protection and GDPR.

Along with this 21st century website, we also employ a business crime coordinator who works tirelessly with all of the partnerships within the area making the Wigan Borough a safer place to be. The website assists members with immediate up-to-date information sharing that is required of each organisation. Passing of information about suspect activity and criminals not only alerts other radio users but also alerts the police to their presence.

Working with local authorities and the police, CPD Communications are considered to be one of the leading experts in the field of business, shop and pubwatch schemes within the North West. We have been able to create a bespoke system tailor made to all business staff and security personnel who are charged with crime prevention matters within our towns and cities.
All radio schemes are a sound investment to any member in terms of crime prevention. Radio is faster and smarter and can also incorporate lone worker technology along with a ‘personal attack’ button facility.

The purposes of such schemes are to provide an early warning to all radio users and advise of any criminal activity that could be a threat to your business. This gives each member another tool to fight crime and antisocial behaviour. Each radio user can be alerted by another and everyone can be prepared and keep a watchful eye on any undesirable elements that have designs on causing trouble. Backed by the local authority and the police, these radio schemes have proven to reduce crime in towns and cities.


WBBCP (Wigan Borough Business Crime Partnership
CPD Communications have been involved in Shop/Pub Watch schemes for over 10 years and are the ‘ONLY’ Radio supplier to privately fund a dedicated ‘Crime Coordinator’ to assist the schemes.

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